The division scope and precautions of low temperature refrigerator

2018-06-05 16:42:40
The division scope and precautions of low temperature refrigerator
A refrigerator whose storage temperature is lower than -20°C can be called a low-temperature refrigerator. The big difference between it and a household refrigerator is the temperature. The temperature of a household refrigerator is generally -2 degrees and above. Ordinary low temperature refrigerators, ultra low temperature refrigerators, and deep low temperature refrigerators are all called low temperature refrigerators.

Since the storage temperature of low-temperature refrigerators is lower than -20℃, the temperature range is large, and the required R&D and production technology costs will gradually increase. Therefore, people habitually divide low-temperature refrigerators into ordinary low-temperature refrigerators and ultra-low-temperature refrigerators. , Deep-low temperature refrigerator, in order to better grasp the temperature range. Generally divided into the following three stages:

The storage temperature of ordinary low-temperature refrigerator is -20℃~-40℃;

Refrigerators with storage temperature of -40℃~-100℃;

Deep-low temperature refrigerators store refrigerators with a temperature lower than -100°C.

According to the storage needs of medicines, reagents and various biological agents, refrigerators with different temperature control levels must be used:

1. 4℃ is suitable for storing certain solutions, reagents, medicines, etc.;

2. -20℃ is suitable for storing certain reagents, medicines, enzymes, serum, prepared antibiotics, DNA, protein samples, etc.;

3. -80℃ is suitable for the preservation of some long-term cryogenic preservation samples, purified samples, special cryogenic processing digestion solutions, etc.

Precautions for low-temperature refrigerators:

1. Keep the appearance of the low-temperature refrigerator clean, and there is no debris around the refrigerator;

2. Place it smoothly and keep it level;

3. Special personnel for maintenance and operation, passwords must be set for interface functions to prevent misoperation by unrelated personnel;

4. It is recommended to clean the dust-proof net once a month to maintain the cooling effect and maintain the low temperature. After all, low-temperature refrigerators are air-cooled condensers, which are easy to stick to dust.

5. Minimize the number of door openings and keep the duration as short as possible. Low-temperature refrigerators are all direct-cooling. The icing in the box is related to the number of door openings. A small amount of ice will not affect the cooling effect. If there is too much icing, please remove it with a sharp object.

6. Since most low-temperature refrigerators are storage boxes, do not use such low-temperature refrigerators as quick-freezers. Therefore, items at room temperature should not exceed 1/4 of the volume when placed. If there are too many items, put them in batches after the temperature drops to the specified temperature for rapid cooling.