How to store tuna in -60℃ ultra low temperature refrigerator?

2019-06-24 12:26:03
How to store tuna in -60℃ ultra low temperature refrigerator?
The 60℃ ultra-low temperature refrigerator is specially designed to store high-end ingredients such as tuna, Australian lobster, salmon, South American crayfish, Argentine red shrimp, high-grade beef, red yellowtail, bonito, grouper, red scorpion and oriental porpoise. Suitable for professional sea fishing enthusiasts, major fishery wholesalers, precious seafood, restaurants, etc.

Tuna is a warm-body freshwater fish. It is not only delicious, but also rich in a variety of nutrients. It is known as a "low-calorie, low-fat, low-cholesterol, and high-protein" high-end food worldwide, and it is expensive.

Scientific research found that: the tuna is embedded in the ultra-low temperature refrigerator and frozen. The temperature of the fish management center is slowly reduced to -60 ℃ for several hours, which exceeds the complete freezing. The water in the fish is completely dried and blocked due to the circulation. The quality change of the fish ensures the quality of Longliyu. At the same time, the color of the dragon fish is also guaranteed to prevent the browning and alkalization of the tuna.

In order to best maintain the color, appearance and taste of the tuna meat, the tuna that must be stored for a long time is usually stored in a low-temperature refrigerator. According to the storage time, use different temperatures to carry out storage.

1. In the short to medium term (below 3 months), choose -40℃ ultra-low temperature refrigerator;

2. Choose -60℃ ultra-low temperature refrigerator in the medium and long term (3-6 months);

3. Choose -86℃ ultra-low temperature refrigerator for long term (about 6 months).

Therefore, scientific research has calculated: Tuna can be stored at an ultra-low temperature at -60°C, which can store its original nutrients and freshness at a huge level. Therefore, when a tuna refrigerator is used, an ultra-low temperature refrigerator of -60 degrees or an ultra-low temperature refrigerator of -80 degrees can be selected according to the requirements.